The Korean Box Office Needed a Hit and Don Lee Delivered With ‘The Roundup’ | Charts

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The buzzy breakout action sequel earned $60 million in just under two weeks, giving the market the local fare audiences have been craving

Don Lee in 'The Roundup: No Way Out'
Don Lee in 'The Roundup: No Way Out'

South Korea’s box office proved remarkably resilient during the pandemic. Theaters never really closed. But the market has needed a big local blockbuster, and “Train to Busan” star Don Lee provided it with his return as a cranky detective kicking righteous ass in the critically acclaimed “The Roundup: No Way Out.”

With a massive $60.35 million in just over two weeks, the action sequel was what South Korean theaters needed after a slow start to 2023 mostly dominated by Hollywood films like “Avatar: The Way of Water” and Japanese releases like “The First Slam Dunk.”

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