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Trevor Noah, James Corden Bond on What They’ll Miss About Hosting Late Night: Flexing Their ‘Perfect Trump Impressions’ (Video)

The ex-“Daily Show” host and soon-to-be-former “Late Late Show” host also argued over who’s “the one and only bad boy of late night”

Former “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah crashed “The Late Late Show” on Thursday to help James Corden with a segment entitled “Side Effects Only.”

“If only there was someone who could help me with this bit. I sort of need somebody who has experience reading a teleprompter, someone who has experience sitting behind a desk,” Corden said before being interrupted by Noah

Following the applause, Corden asked Noah how it feels to be sitting behind a desk again, to which he replied, deadpan: “Stifling.”

The first topic the pair covered was leaving your late night show, with Corden listing side effects including not having to wear a suit or pants “because you’re not on TV every night” and not having to talk about the 2024 presidential election.

Noah chimed in with other side effects, including “sadly not having the opportunity to amaze audiences with our perfect Trump impressions” and “not having to pretend you watch someone’s latest film or TV show.”

“But you watch my show ‘Mammals’ on Prime Video though right?” Corden asked, to which Noah replied, “No.”

Corden quickly fired back, adding “not having to pretend you read someone’s book.”

“Wait, you didn’t actually read my book?” Noah asked a silent Corden. 

“And the final side effects of leaving your late night show is–,” Corden said before Noah jumped in: “Finding out you’ve been dropped from the late night host group text.”

“Wait, there’s a late night host group text?” Corden asked before being cut off by music. 

The pair then moved to the topic of side effects of hosting the Grammys, which Noah is slated to do Sunday on CBS for a third time in a row.

The side effects included being a part of music’s biggest night, “wondering which pop stars you’ll become friends with and which pop stars you’ll become best friends with” and “finally being able to thank Beyoncé in person.”

“If it wasn’t for ‘Break My Soul,’ I wouldn’t have quit my job,” Noah said.

“Oh my god, exactly the same,” Corden added.

Additional side effects included feeling the rush of a live show, trying to sustain that rush over the course of three and a half hours plus commercials and “feeling amazed as you walk past the dressing rooms of legends like Diana Ross, Mary J. Blige and Snoop Dogg.”

“Circling back to Snoop Dogg’s dressing room because something smelled amazing in there,” Noah joked.

“Being so pumped to see Lizzo up close live,” Corden added, to which Noah replied, “Praying she plays another old white guy’s flute.”

Noah concluded with the final side effect of hosting the Grammys, which is “knowing that if you screw up, your career could be over.”

“But if you do well you’re going to get seven nice text messages,” Corden said.

The final topic Corden and Noah covered was “being the one and only bad boy of late night,” which caused the pair to talk over each other before taking a moment to stare each other down.

“And the final side effect of being the bad boy of late night is tearing up your contract and leaving your show,” Corden said.

“Wait, wait wait, you’re still here though,” Noah said, to which Corden replied, “But I’m leaving the show in April.”

“Yeah, but I already left, so that makes me the baddest boy there is,” Noah said, to which Corden concluded, “I think you’re right.”

Watch the full “Late Late Show” segment in the video above.