Why Freevee Needs to Double Down on Original Content Beyond the ‘Bosch’ Franchise | Charts

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None of the FAST service’s originals rank in the top 10 for demand and soon other major streamers will launch competing affordable ad-supported tiers

Bosch: Legacy
"Bosch: Legacy" (FreeVee)

Freevee, Amazon’s FAST (free ad-supported streaming TV) platform, has noticeably received more attention from its parent company lately. It was rebranded from IMDb TV to the sleeker sounding Freevee in April and has begun expanding into international markets — first to the U.K. in 2021 and to Germany just this month.  

Amazon isn’t alone in focusing on ad-supported streaming. FAST has been growing and shaking up the streaming world. As this model of monetizing viewer attention is catching on, it’s looking like everything old is new again. After all, broadcast TV was the original free ad-supported platform. Today, even Netflix and Disney+ are talking about bringing ads to their subscription models by the end of the year.