Big Tech Reports Surprisingly Strong Earnings – Which Means the Streaming Wars Will Rage On | Analysis

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The technology sector’s relatively healthy earnings means no end to the cash cannon pointed at Hollywood

Big Tech Earnings
What do Big Tech's earnings mean for streamers? (Christopher Smith/TheWrap, Getty)

Tech doom or tech boom? Despite experiencing nearly 200,000 layoffs in 2023, the tech sector is proving surprisingly resilient in the face of a wobbly economy, as recent earnings reports have shown. Apple and Microsoft are jousting for market cap supremacy in the $2 trillion-plus range, and Amazon shares are up 30% so far this year.

That could threaten plans by Hollywood studios to get their streaming operations to profitability, and soon, as cash-rich tech companies continue to pour money into entertainment and gaming to lock in consumer loyalty. There’s no end, in short, to the high-stakes competition among media companies vying for a shrinking pool of available subscription dollars.