6 Things You Didn’t See on the MTV VMAs

TheWrap has the inside take on what went down when the awards show’s cameras weren’t rolling

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Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, Usher and Beyonce were among the performers that graced the MTV Video Music Awards stage on Saturday from The Forum in Inglewood, Calif.

TheWrap was there, too, in the audience to give you the inside take on the show: From the clockwork timing of the production crews to the crabby audience wrangler, and Beyonce’s pre-performance backstage party.

Braving the traffic, California’s summer heat and the impossible parking, here are six things you didn’t see on TV during the MTV VMAs.

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1. It takes a village.
With TV magic, the home audience doesn’t see the dozens and dozens of production people that have to change over a stage in just minutes. At times, awards were being presented on the right side of the stage while the crew was assembling pretty incredible sets on the left with no cover.

2. The pit keeper was a jerk.
All those people in the pit that help bring energy to the show have to stand for the duration of the event. In many ways, they portray the perfect audience — dancing, singing, raising their swaying arms for slow songs. They deserve our respect, right? Well, the guy who has to direct this crowd when the stage is changing didn’t show them much respect. The tone in which he spoke to the pit dancers pretty mean. Clearly, there’s a danger when dealing with such a big group of people. Earlier, he had to slow them down from approaching the stage after a change and they rushed so fast that it looked like a stampede. He has to be careful. But, still, he barked orders at them as if they were completely dumb. He could have at least said please.

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3. Keepin’ it rockin’.
Your heard him throughout the show as it went in and out of commercials. We in the audience were able to hear him spin some pretty great songs and mixes we’ve heard. His name is DJ Mustard and we thank  you.

4. Booing a homeless guy?
So, Miley Cyrus decided to use her big Video of the Year award win to spread some information about homeless in L.A. What they didn’t show on the West Coast airing was a pretty big group of morons began booing him, especially after he urged people to visit Cyrus’s website to find out more about homelessness.

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5. Beyonce’s backstage party.
Before Queen Bey hit the stage, the party had already started behind it. Dozens of dancers were hopping into the air, gyrating and laughing in the minutes leading to B’s finale performance. Then, the lady of the hour arrived and she instantly joined her dancers in partying. As they partied, the crowd grew impatient and began chanting her name.

6. The presenters don’t really walk up the spiral stage.
Before the cameras roll, a production person places the presenters at a certain spot on the spiral. When the show returns, they walk up as if finishing the trip up the spiral to the stage.

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