10 Predictions for Media, Entertainment and Tech in 2024

AI will continue to dominate the headlines, but TikTok and Hollywood M&A will also play leading roles, along with ‘immersive’ experiences

(Chris Smith)

‘Tis the season for my annual 10 predictions for the worlds of media, entertainment and tech for the coming year. Here are what I expect to be 2024’s headline stories.

Prediction #1: AI is the headline story, and nothing else comes close

Talk of AI will continue to dominate, as it should given the immense transformation we will see AI take in our industry from this point forward. AI is poised to disrupt lives across the creative community – which means disruption to the meaning of art itself. 

Expect a sobering breakthrough on the path to artificial general intelligence (AGI). There’s a reason why OpenAI’s cautious board members ousted CEO Sam Altman, only to have him returned by the company’s “no holds barred” VC investors.


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