‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Series Finale Draws Largest Audience Since Season 10 With 1.1 Million Viewers

The conclusion to the Larry David-led HBO comedy marked the show’s largest Sunday night audience this season

Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld in "Curb Your Enthusiasm" (Credit: HBO)

“Curb Your Enthusiasm” went out with a bang for its series finale.

The conclusion of the long-running HBO comedy drew 1.1 million viewers across HBO, Max and other digital platforms on Sunday night, according to internal multiplatform viewing figures from Warner Bros. Discovery.

The series finale scored the biggest Sunday night audience of its 12th season, though it did not surpass the 1.4 million viewers brought in by the Season 10 finale of “Curb” in March 2020.

As fans anticipated how the Larry David comedy might wrap up its final season, the finale saw a slight uptick in viewers when compared to the 1 million multiplatform viewers brought in by the Season 12 premiere in February. Sunday night’s finale was up 39.6% from the 788,000 viewers brought in by the Season 11 premiere, and saw a 39.4% uptick in viewers compared to the Season 11 finale, which drew 789,000 viewers.

Sunday night’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” episode also outpaced the series finale of Bill Hader-led “Barry,” which scored 700,000 viewers across HBO and Max in May 2023.

However, the “Curb” series finale failed to reach the viewership hit by other recent HBO finales, including “True Detective: Night Country,” which hit a season high viewership of 3.2 million, “Succession,” whose series finale brought in 2.9 million viewers, and “The White Lotus” Season 2, which scored 4.1 million viewers.

Still, the 10-episode Season 12 is averaging 4.9 million viewers across platforms, up 14% when compared to the average viewership of 4.3 million brought in across Season 11.

As some fans suspected, “Curb Your Enthusiasm” wrapped up with a “Seinfeld”-esque conclusion with David being sent to prison, except this time Jerry Seinfeld comes to his rescue as he explains there was a mistrial, freeing him from his sentence.

The show’s usual cast — which includes Jeff Garlin, Susie Essman, J.B. Smoove, Cheryl Hines, Richard Lewis, Ted Danson, Vince Vaughn and Tracey Ullman — were joined by several guest stars, including Seinfeld, Allison Janney and Greg Kinnear.

All episodes of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” Season 12 are available to stream on Max


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