‘May December’ Producer LB Entertainment Shepherds Indie Successes by Taking Chances

Office With a View: Founder Lee Broda tells TheWrap about balancing her creative and corporate sides

Image of Lee Broda in TheWrap's Office with a View (Photo Credit: Getty Collection, TheWrap)
Lee Broda for TheWrap's Office with a View (Credit: Getty Collection)

When LB Entertainment founder Lee Broda first entered the entertainment industry, she wanted to be on stage.

“I grew up in Israel, and I was more of a performer and an artist,” Broda told TheWrap, emphasizing that she grew up “dancing, acting and doing a lot of theater.” That dream followed her to the United States, where Broda joined a professional dance company and attended Los Angeles City College Theater Academy for drama where she was encouraged to write and direct her own projects.

It’s that creator’s instinct that later paved the way for her professional career. Since founding indie production company LB Entertainment in 2015, Broda’s company has shepherded over 50 ambitious independent movies to success, including the Natasha Lyonne and Chloë Sevigny-starring “Antibirth,” the Elijah Woods and Nicolas Cage-starring “The Trust,” the Charlize Theron-starring adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s “Dark Places,” director Andrew Ahn’s “Driveways” and the Maggie


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