Letterboxd Unboxed: How a Grassroots Social Network Is Revolutionizing Film Fandom

An internal survey reviewed by TheWrap reveals that the service’s 9 million users are ”hyper-consumers“ of film – but can that be leveraged by Hollywood?

For the first time in three years, this year’s Oscars bore no trace of the pandemic: Faces were fully visible, celebrities packed the champagne carpet, and the Best Picture lineup included multiple box office hits.

The only sign anything had changed was the presence of Letterboxd, the social network for film lovers that quintupled in size during COVID. In January, the New Zealand-based company provided the virtual headquarters of the awards show. The partnership fortified what its devoted fans already knew: Letterboxd has become the go-to destination for serious film fans and something of an obsession for many filmmakers.

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Harper Lambert

Harper first joined TheWrap as a member of the Audience Team in 2021 before becoming a film reporter. Her writings about movies, TV, and culture have appeared in The Hollywood Reporter, MovieMaker and the Daily Nexus, where she served as Editor in Chief. She also co-hosted and co-created the podcast "Hot Off The Pod" with support from the UC National Center for Free Speech and Civic Engagement.