Will Netflix’s Licensing Surge Create an Insurmountable Lead Over Its Rivals? | Analysis

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The ability of the streaming giant to turn a mostly-forgotten show like “Suits” into a juggernaut shows why it’s the most-valuable real estate in Hollywood

Netflix streaming hits including 'Suits,' 'Lucifer' and 'Cobra Kai'
Netflix streaming hits including 'Suits,' 'Lucifer' and 'Cobra Kai'

With the USA legal dramedy “Suits” shattering viewership records over the summer, Netflix said this week that it plans to lean even more aggressively into third-party licensing, a move that is giving the streamer a lead over rivals that will be hard to overcome.

Netflix’s ability to turn a middling or outright failed show — think “Lucifer” or “You” — into a streaming sensation demonstrates why it has created the hottest real estate in the industry.

In a streaming era where Netflix’s rivals have seen buzzy and acclaimed originals struggle to garner viewership, this could be a win-win situation, but no more so than for Netflix itself.


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