What Victoria Alonso’s Mysterious Marvel Exit Means as Unrest Builds at Disney

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The production chief’s departure comes at a tumultuous time for the company, which faces mass layoffs and new cost constraints, and the FX industry at large

Victoria Alonso Marvel Studios
FX chief Victoria Alonso suddenly exited Marvel/Disney. (Marvel Studios)

In the summer of 2019, at a home video day for “Captain Marvel,” Victoria Alonso, the then-chief of production at Marvel Studios, bristled at a question. The innocuous query referred to Kevin Feige, president of the studio, as her “boss.”

“He is not my boss,” Alonso asserted, before answering the question. She had a point: She technically reported to co-president Louis D’Esposito, not Feige. Yet it was a moment when her cool veneer cracked, if only for a moment, and the flinty executive within was exposed.

Her tenacity was a tool. She started out as a visual effects supervisor on movies for DreamWorks Animation and Ridley Scott before joining Marvel Studios as a co-producer and visual effects producer on the company’s first-ever in-house production, 2008’s “Iron Man.”