Wall Street to Hollywood: Spend Less on Streaming Shows, Winter Is Coming | Analysis

Earnings from Roku to Peacock are sending warning signs ahead of a buckling economy

As ominous earnings roll in for the last financial quarter, the players who run some of Hollywood’s big streaming services are flashing warning signs that content spending might be reined in fairly soon. Amid decades-high inflation and a looming recession that have severely curtailed what advertisers are willing to spend, big media companies on Thursday reported little-to-no gains in paid subscribers to platforms from Roku and NBCUniversal’s Peacock.

Which means those big-budget scripts sitting in the bottom drawer might need to be sold fast, before the funding goes away.

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Joe Bel Bruno

Joe Bel Bruno

Joe Bel Bruno is TheWrap's Editor at Large, Business. He most recently served as the Founding Editor of the business news site dot.LA. He was previously the Managing Editor of Variety, and served as Deputy Business Editor and later Deputy Entertainment Editor at the Los Angeles Times. Bel Bruno also ran markets coverage for The Wall Street Journal. Before that, he was an award-winning reporter at the Associated Press in New York, and held senior posts in London and New York for Knight Ridder Financial.