The ‘Sensical’ 7: Predictions for Kids’ Media in 2023 | PRO Insight

Common Sense Networks CEO Eric Berger lays out predictions for the year that will have a profound impact

In 2022, there was a collective reckoning across every sector of media.

  • Workforces were slashed and programming budgets were cut.
  • A streaming video on demand (SVOD) giant was humbled as the power of consumer choice took hold and subscriber growth stalled.
  • A beloved CEO returned to the top perch in an uncertain market while another tried to steer a mega merger from bust to boom. 
  • Social media platforms came under even more scrutiny.
  • And advertisers, whose lights had dimmed in the recent era of peak streaming, were suddenly all the rage as the resurgence of ad-supported tiers took center stage. 

The increase in media consumption by kids, thought at first to be COVID inspired, was actually a true behavioral shift, a loud statement that Gen Alpha will have a lasting impact on the shape of the market for years to come.  

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Eric Berger

Eric Berger is CEO /Co-Founder of Common Sense Networks (CSN), a company that leverages its proprietary review platform to elevate digital, age-appropriate experiences for kids and families. In his role, Berger also seeks to activate meaningful change in the kids’ ecosystem, overseeing the development of safe, scalable solutions to help leading media entities like TikTok reimagine their existing platform approach. Touted as the architect of premium AVOD, he has led digital services at major media companies including Sony Pictures Television where, as Chief Digital Officer and head of Direct To Consumer, he built the Emmy-nominated Sony Crackle and had oversight of global anime powerhouse Funimation and Sony’s Game Studio. Prior to Sony, he held senior positions at Time Warner Inc. and PriceWaterhouseCoopers.