Best of Robin Williams: TheWrap Remembers Actor With Mashup of Iconic Roles (Video)

For more than 35 years, Williams impacted audiences in a variety of comedic and dramatic roles like “Mork & Mindy,” “Good Morning, Vietnam,” “Mrs. Doubtfire,” “Patch Adams” and “Aladdin”

It’s been more than 35 years since Robin Williams first dazzled audiences with his manic performance as the alien Mork, first as a guest star on “Happy Days,” and then in his own series. His energy never wavered throughout his career, as he transcended the boundaries of comedy to become a consummate actor, able to touch audiences with any role.

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From the poignant inspiration of “Dead Poets Society” and “Good Morning Vietnam” to the melancholy sadness of “What Dreams May Come,” Williams managed to keep audiences guessing. Often, he would bring comedy to dramatic roles, as he did portraying a doctor who uses comedy to help his patients in “Patch Adams.”

But his heart was in comedy, as anyone who witnessed his wild talk show appearances can attest. And he brought some of the best of them to the big screen, as a grown-up Peter Pan in “Hook,” and as father desperate to connect with his kids in “Mrs. Doubtfire.” In many of those, he brought a touch of his dramatic strengths to add weight to the otherwise silly proceedings.

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Williams even managed to touch the hearts of an entire generation with just the power of his voice. His role as the Genie in Disney’s “Aladdin” remains one of his most memorable, and while it was laugh-out-loud hysterical, it had just enough pathos make the struggles of the animated character resonate with audiences of all ages.

TheWrap remembers Robin Williams with some of his best comedic and dramatic moments across television and the movies. Watch the video above.

Video edited by Sydney Papenhausen and Rebecca Rosenberg

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