#ICYMI on TheWrap: 10 of the Week’s Top Showbiz Stories

In case you missed it,”Gravity” is taking off, Frank Sinatra’s estate may have one more mouth to feed, and Hollywood’s Hillary Clinton projects have been canned — much to the RNC’s delight

Breaking Bad’: Vince Gilligan Shares 5 Alternate Endings
A record 10.3 million viewers tuned in last Sunday to see the critically-acclaimed drug drama conclude, but TheWrap dug up five other fates Walter White may have faced. And now that we’ve seen all five seasons come to a close, let’s take a step back and think. What was “Breaking Bad” really about?

How Fox News’ 3 A.M. Talker ‘Red Eye With Greg Gutfeld’ Beat Piers Morgan
Gutfeld and his co-hosts share the secret of their late-late-night show’s success with TheWrap.

Equity Crowdfunding Has Arrived: 5 Things to Know About the Future of Raising Money Online
Good news for filmmakers — it only works in your favor!

6 of Fall’s Most Intriguing Box-Office Face-Offs
Can San Diego’s classiest news anchor, Ron Burgundy, beat out Hollywood’s classiest movie star, George Clooney, when “Anchorman: The Legend Continues” faces off against “Monuments Men” in December? And why can’t global music superstar and accomplished actor Justin Timberlake take his latest movie, “Runner, Runner,” to the top of the box office?

Hillary Clinton Documentary Canceled by CNN Films
NBC and CNN caved to the Republican National Committee’s demands, leading the RNC to issue a new decree: “Any media organization looking to be part of the debate process will have to comply with the new system.”

Focus Features Shake-Up Means Another Arthouse Indie Bites the Dust
FilmDistrict’s Peter Schlessel is replacing James Schamus as the head of Universal’s indie division, which probably means Focus is replacing its once Oscar-worthy content with more genre-oriented pictures.

Oscar Shakeup: ‘Captain Phillips’ Is Up, ‘Foxcatcher’ Is Out – and What’s Up With ‘Wolf of Wall Street’?
After a series of scheduling adjustments, the Oscar race is a little less crowded — but it’s still up for grabs.

Lost in Space With Sandra Bullock: Alfonso Cuaron’s 10 Laws of ‘Gravity’
Director Alfonso Cuaron, his son and co-writer Jonas Cuaron, and producer David Heyman tell TheWrap 10 lessons learned from making the revolutionary VFX-heavy space thriller that is not only on track to make a splash at the box office this weekend, but awards season, as well.

Mia Farrow Says Son With Woody Allen ‘Possibly’ Fathered by Frank Sinatra
But as Ronan Farrow cleverly pointed out on Twitter: “Listen, we’re all *possibly* Frank Sinatra’s son.”

TheWrap Achieves All-Time Traffic High in September 2013
Boom goes the dynamite. Big thanks to TheWrap’s loyal readers.

And now, here are three stories you don’t necessarily need to read. But you know you want to.

Miley Cyrus Carefully Considers Sinead O’Connor’s Advice During Sexual Assault of Arizona Grapeade Can (Photos)
Cover your eyes, “Hannah Montana” fans! The 20-year-old pop star is getting dirtier by the minute. And singer Sinead O’Connor isn’t happy about it.

‘The Room’ Star Greg Sestero on the Role He Never Wanted in the Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made
In case you’ve ever wonder why any actor would ever want to star in Tommy Wiseau’s so-bad-it’s-good midnight movie “The Room,” the guy who plays Mark told TheWrap why — he didn’t.

Roseanne Barr Blasts Chuck Lorre: You’re a Joke Thief!
And keeps blasting, and keeps blasting, and keeps blasting…