Imagine Entertainment’s $700 Million Deal With Centricus Hits a Wall (Exclusive)

The deal to buy Brian Grazer and Ron Howard’s storied company has been in limbo for months

Amid a severe downturn on Wall Street and downward pressure on valuations, a $700 million deal for Ron Howard and Brian Grazer’s Imagine Entertainment to sell to a British investment firm has slowed to a halt, TheWrap has learned.

London-based investment firm Centricus Asset Management Ltd. was in negotiations to acquire a majority ownership stake in a deal that would value the production banner at anywhere between $600 million and $800 million, The Wall Street Journal reported in January. But despite a flurry of merger and acquisition activity throughout the media sector in recent years, talks between the two companies have cooled, according to an individual with knowledge of the firm.

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Brandon Katz

Brandon Katz is TheWrap's Senior TV Reporter. He has served as a reporter, commentator and contributor at several publications, including Morning Brew, Observer, and Forbes. He has a BA in Electronic Journalism from GMU. Follow him on Twitter: @Great_Katzby