Watch All of TheWrap’s Sundance Interviews With Jonathan Majors, Jason Momoa, Daisy Ridley and More (Video)

Plus Alexander Skarsgard, Sofia Coppola, Nicholas Braun and Ben Platt

Jonathan Majors

The Sundance Film Festival roared back to life this year with the first in-person version of the event since 2020, and TheWrap was there with bells on to talk to some of the performers and filmmakers involved in this year’s pre-eminent films. With any luck, these films will go on to join the ranks of previous Sundance debut features like “CODA” or “Whiplash” or “Boyhood” once they hit audiences at large (and possibly even the Oscar stage).

Below, we’ve rounded up some of our interviews for you to watch along with links to every interview conducted at TheWrap’s Portrait and Video Studio at The Music Lodge during the 2023 Sundance Film Festival, sponsored by NFP along with support from Sylvania and HigherDOSE.

Actor Jonathan Majors and the team behind the challenging drama “Magazine Dreams” spoke about how the story of an obsessed bodybuilder is a “time capsule” for modern day America.

Alexander Skarsgard, director Brandon Cronenberg and the “Infinity Pool” team spoke about the film’s extreme storyline and, yes, the “nepo baby” debate.

Nicholas Braun, Emilia Jones and director Susanna Fogel spoke animatedly about how their feature “Cat Person” explores the grey areas of consent and sexual encounters.

Jason Momoa explained how he came to be a part of the deep-sea mining documentary “Deep Rising” (and also gave us an update on “Aquaman 2” and his future in the DC universe).

Daisy Ridley spoke about finding her introverted “Sometimes I Think About Dying” character through her American accent.

And childhood friends Ben Platt and Molly Gordon spoke about channeling their love of theater for their crowdpleasing comedy “Theater Camp.”

Watch some of our interviews below, followed by links to view the rest of the interviews and to check out portraits from TheWrap’s portrait studio.

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‘Fairyland’: Scoot McNairy, Emilia Jones, Adam Lambert on LGBTQ Family Representation

‘Theater Camp’: How Childhood Friends Ben Platt and Molly Gordon Channeled Their Love of Theater for Sundance Crowdpleaser

‘Flora and Son’ Director John Carney Says Film Spotlights the Art of Music in Era When ‘We’ve Forgotten’ It

TheWrap’s Sundance Interviews

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