Don Lemon’s CNN Ouster Was a ‘Business Decision’ and a ‘Long Time Coming,’ Says Exec

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A network executive reveals to TheWrap that the anchor was negatively affecting the news channel’s bottom line and turning off target viewers

Don Lemon
Don Lemon (CNN)

Don Lemon’s abrupt firing on Monday just moments after he co-hosted “CNN This Morning” sent shockwaves throughout the news industry and now the reasons behind why CNN gave the anchor his walking papers are coming into focus.

Speculation was rampant both internally and externally Monday as Lemon’s colleagues and media peers wondered why exactly the anchor was fired: Was it the Nikki Haley comments that were deemed misogynistic? The heated interview with GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy? An on-set clash with co-host Kaitlan Collins? Was it the morning show’s low ratings? It was all the above, apparently.

According to insiders, the decision wasn’t related to any one thing but rather a sum of the parts.