A Shareholder Revolt Put Bob Iger in Power. Another One Could Strip Him of It

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Two decades after the Save Disney campaign led by Roy Disney, Iger finds himself in the middle of a new quagmire

Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner and current Disney CEO Bob Iger (Chris Smith/TheWrap/Getty Images)

The showdown between Disney CEO Bob Iger and an activist investor group culminating at Wednesday’s annual meeting won’t be the first time the entertainment giant has stared down a shareholder revolt. In fact, the last time this happened, Iger emerged the big winner.

Two decades ago, Disney’s board stripped Iger’s predecessor Michael Eisner of his chairman title following the Save Disney campaign led by founder Walt Disney’s nephew Roy E. Disney and his investor partner Stanley Gold. As the smoke cleared, the Disney board handed the CEO reins to Iger, then Eisner’s No. 2, in 2005. 

Disney has recently steeped itself in legacy sequels, returning to franchises decades after the fact.


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