‘The Flash’ and ‘Elemental’ Flops Send Red Alerts for 2 of Hollywood’s Biggest Box Office Brands | Analysis

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Do the theatrical woes for Pixar and DC send signals for the entire moviegoing sector? It might get worse before it gets better

flash elemental box office
"The Flash" and "Elemental" flopped in their opening weekends. (Warner Bros. Discovery, Disney)

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Pixar and DC are supposed to be the crown jewels for Disney and Warner Bros., respectively. But the dismal opening weekends for DC’s “The Flash” and Pixar’s “Elemental” have continued the recent slumps for these two brands – and it’s time to call a red alert.

Whether that red alert is for the box office in general or these two titanic brands in particular is something Hollywood is likely to be debating intensively in the coming days and weeks. “Elemental’s” poor opening comes on the heels of underperformer “Lightyear” in 2022 and the Disney+ titles “Turning Red” in 2022, “Luca” in 2021 and “Soul” in 2020, which had poor international box office amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.