These Were the Most In-Demand TV Shows Based on Books Last Year | Charts

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‘Silo’ leads the Top 10 titles — and points to how an adaptation-heavy AppleTV+ strategy is paying off

Rebecca Furguson stars in Silo. A woman with brown hair pulled back, wearing a basic green sweater stares out of frame
Rebecca Ferguson in "Silo" (AppleTV+)

A wave of shows based on books has won over audiences recently. “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” was a huge success for Disney+. “Shōgun” is currently dominating audience attention as it releases episodes weekly. 

On the longer term horizon, some of the most popular book series of all time are due to be adapted for the small screen. Warner Bros. Discovery is planning a “Harry Potter” series to be released in 2026 and Lionsgate recently announced that a new animated series based on the “Twilight” franchise is in the works. It’s no surprise why decision-makers are eager to invest in book adaptations specifically, and more generally, any adaptation of existing IP: These shows are seen as tested and have existing fan bases that will help to de-risk an adaptation relative to an entirely original new series.


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